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Energy storage

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  • Swedish engineering
  • Superiour lifetime
  • Robust and secure
  • Customer interaction
  • Cloud connected

Energy storage

Store your renewable energy and use it when you please. In the nearby future, we will see new legislation for environmental buildings, increased electric prices due to uncertain nuclear power and increased demand for independence.

Energy mastering

Our efficient energy management is controlled by our advanced and proven technology combined with our own developed software. The features allow storage, discharge and optimization of renewable energy from wind and/or solar production. In addition, we can handle power-peaks that already provide increased operating costs for Real Estates and Industries. Box of Energy is easily connected to your property for existing and new installation of solar and/or wind power. If you also have parking spaces for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles - Box of Energy can make sure that the vehicles are charged with renewable energy.

Energy monitoring

Sit back and let the Box of Energy take care of itself while you monitor the system. By smartphones, tablets or computer, you will see in real time and in teaching designed interface graphs, signals, reports and more. Box of Energy is using our advanced cloud- based server environment for greater operational decisions such as buy cheap energy from the grid, weather information and scheduled operation impact. Our ambition is to provide you with the most advanced technology, but in a simple manner presented to you, and how to master your energy.